my Ipod took a dump the other day and i lost all the music on it. im not that worried about that because there is music on my Itunes i havent put onto it, but im more worried about the device itself....

ill plug it in, highlight all of my music, drag and drop and everything will be going fine--until about song 2000. by song 2129, it stops syncing completely. ive tried it a few times, and this is thr number it stops at. ive even tried restoring the factory settings. anyone encountered this before?

any suggestions? REAL suggestions. i dont want this to turn into a "Ipods are soo overpriced. apple does nothing but rip you off ZOMG!!!!!11111ONE!!ONE!!!!" thread. we all have opinions on that.
sound like you need a new amp

in reality, make sure all the songs are actually in the library. Some songs might be listed but the file has been removed and thus te problem
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i don't think anybody needs 2000 songs on their ipods at once
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what type and generation is it?
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