Hello UG.

I've seen a classified ad selling a Marshall Valvestate 1800 at 250€. As it's 100w and I need a good gigging amp at a good price, this caught my attention.

I've looked at several videos and it seems like it doesn't have much gain which is a shame, and I searched the forums and it has both negative (mostly) and positive feedback.

Anyway, I play metal almost exclusively. Brutal death metal, Bring Me The Horizon, hardcore punk (as in actual hardcore punk, not this metalcore / emo version) black metal, groove orientated metal, a very little metalcore, folk, power, symphonic... everything metal, really.

There are 2 types of sound I'd like to get from this amp;

1. A heavy, shattering, crisp distortion with lots of gain for death metal. Example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4XiJ7-_erg also the sound of The Wretched Spawn stuff, I think the description is pretty well understood.

2. A BMTH Count Your Blessings style guitar sound. Hard to describe, but I really like the way it has a lot of personality. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bEm3zEbFtc .

Also, of course, I want solos to sound good.

I use a Jackson DKMGT that has EMG 81 & 85 pups.

So, tell me what you can about this amplifier and whether it is worth it and if the price is good. I've asked the seller to go and try it out, so I WILL be trying it myself too.

Thank you.

(Oh, and I'm really sorry if you don't like the two songs I posted as an example. But please don't reply with comments regarding the songs or my musical interests. )
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I think you mean 8100, not 1800, but either way, it's not a good high-gain amp. It has all the gain you could ask for, but it just doesn't sound good. You can sometimes find them for dirt cheap, but I'd never spend 250€ on one.
its not a bad amp, but not a great one either.

Id take it for lead sounds if my guitar was equiped with X2N (love Schuldiners symbolic era leads). But for chugging - noo way, especially not for 250€.

On UKs ebay they float for less than 100£. Try scoring a similar deal if you still want this amp.

Other suggestions might be

Randall rg50tc
Peavey vypyr tube

Just dont buy peavey Valveking, Valvestate (especially first round, the 8x00 series) are better at everything
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You can definitely nail Chuck Schuldiner's tone with a guitar equipped with the Dimarzio X2N pickup. And if you can **** a Boss HM-2 into the clean channel, you can nail The Jester Race/Whoracle guitar tone of In Flames, as well as Dark Tranquility's The Gallery and The Mind's I tone.
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It's a horrible amp but will probably be nasty enough for death metal. Just don't try to play anything that needs a warm organic sound to it. If you want a tinny chainsaw then it's the amp for you.
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Ok, I sort of knew it wouldn't be that good.

But anyway, what would a good price be for this amp preowned? Bare in mind that it includes a cabinet (not sure which, probably the standard one that comes with the head).

Maybe some other alternatives? I don't mind going used at all.
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It's a horrible amp but will probably be nasty enough for death metal. Just don't try to play anything that needs a warm organic sound to it. If you want a tinny chainsaw then it's the amp for you.

they're not THAT bad as far as SS amps go. Sure, it doesn't sound like a tube amp but it has a distinct sound all its own. But yeah it definitely will give you the gothenburg like sound - you know, the distinct lack of low end.
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