Hello guys

I've got an awesome new amp: a peavey XXX with a 2x12 cab.
Before this i used a roland cube with my zoom G2.1NU pedal.
I don't have any other pedals and i wanted to put the zoom in the fx loop of my amp.
But this doesn't seem to work.. The pedal cuts almost all the sound if i switch on my effects button.Why does this happen and how can i make it work?
I've got the Peavey XXX 2x12 and if I connect something to the effects loop without the footswitch connected it almost completely cuts the signal.

I don't think you can use the effects loop without the footswitch (if thats the case)

If you do have the footswitch connected, then make sure the FX Loop button is activated on there and also that the effects loop input/output volumes on the back of the amp are turned to 12 o'clock
i've got the footswitch and the knobs on 12 o clock but doesn't work
How have you got things connected at the moment? Like this..

guitar --> front of amp --> effects loop send --> zoom --> effects loop receive

If this is the case.. then try putting just a cable from your effects loop send and receive (to prove that the effects loop works)

If that works, then try with the other cable to prove that one works.
jezusrollerbladingchrist.... I had the send in the output and the recieve in the input...
close this topic so my stupidity will be hidden