I am currently playing punk/metal/rock and have the current effects set up

Guitar - Noise Suppressor - Delay - Amp
The noise suppressor has an effects loop so out of the loop I then have - Distortion - Overdrive - Chorus - back into the the noise suppressor
I left the delay out of the effects loop following the suggestion in the manual with the noise suppressor. I am happy with the sounds I get from this set up

I have now bought a wah wah and am wondering where to put it in the current set up to get the best sound.
I totally understand there is no 'correct' order and everybody likes different set ups but just wanted to get some ideas

I'd put in early on in the chain, because I'd want to be wah-wah-ing the dry guitar signal rather than the signal with loads of effects.

Mine is
Guitar > Tuner > Wah > Distortion > Overdrive > Amp
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i add it first.

my set up is

guitar -> wah -> overdrive -> chorus -> boost pedal -> amp
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Cheers guys, but would you put it early on in the effects loop or before the noise suppressor??
In front of amp...

Guitar-->Tuner-->Volume-->Wah-->all other non-modulation FX-->Noise gate-->Amp.

All modulation FX in loop.

Why do you have your noise gate first??? It's mostly for taming the noise created by pedals. Put it as close to the amp as you can. The ONLY pedal I have after mine, is a looper. So the recorded loops get recorded without all the noise. Or is it just for the switching (FX loop) that you use it for?

If you want the Wah in the loop (as most do) then put it in front of most other FX.
The general consensus is putting it early in your signal chain...just like people have been saying.
Put it there...play with it....then move it around and see where you prefer to have it.... ears are wonderful things to have if you learn how to use them
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