Hey Guys, my 3rd hand bass recently packed up and I don't think I should pay to get it fixed as I think this problem would keep coming back to haunt me, any repairs done to it will be by me in spare time. Anyway I am now looking for a new bass and I am strongly considering Squier maybe a precision of some sort. My budget is £300 (give or take) which I know would get me a Squier but does anyone here have any suggestions about any other basses or which Squier I should get.
My playing styles are quite wide anything from light rock through to metal and then to jazz and blues, my favourite artists include foo Fighters, Nickelback, Bon Jovi 3 Doors Down, Hinder, Escape the Fate, the list is endless really..
So yeah any suggestions welcome!
Johnson Catalyst. Costs around $300 and is a beast. Active pickups, really solid electronics and construction, nice neck, stays in tune, GREAT tones. I use one and people who have $1000 basses have commented on how much they love my tone.

Plus it comes in green flamed maple.

This guy uses one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBlaxEHcWOE&feature=related
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Wow, SkyValley = Epic win.
Nice, thanks very much I hope one of the music shops I hope to purchase a bass from stocks those so I can give it a go, thanks again man