Hey RedFez,

Voice doesn't sound too bad at all. Are you feeling any tension in your throat or on your tongue when you go to hit some of those higher notes at all? Sounds like there is a little tension coming in there in the recording.

What I woudl recommend doing doing is first the lyrics on just the sound "ah" Keep it connect like in the melody. So you won't be doing an "ah" for each syllable. Then try singing the regular lyrics. Even on that held note at the end. If it still feels a bit tight, stick you tongue out and then sing on "ah" again. This will help loosen up your tongue a bit.

Give it a try.

Cool song.
honestly no tension on the high notes, thats the easiest bit, i pushed it a bit to try and get a bit of grit which a) didn't work b) gave a bit of tension but its not too bad. The one that took more than a couple of takes was getting all of those mid range "I cant go ons", doing the same like that it took a bit of concentration to not tense up.

that advice is incredibly helpful, thanks for the exercise. my personal problem with my vox is pronunciation which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't in the contexts of songs. I've largely self taught myself alright but yeah like said my personal problem is pronunciation still. Tongue exercise is much appreciated ill definitely try that out for loosening up vox.
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Yeah I agree its strange, although we kept it a) because I kind of liked the vibe b) cuz i wasn't going to be doing too many takes of holding that note for that long :p

Also thanks a lot

I'm gonna be the bad guy for a second.

I'm not a fan of the note. The tone was off and it was a little...well, I don't know what the word is. it doesn't sound like something you would hear from a professional band. (OK, MAYBE Incubus.)

Not that that's a bad thing, it just needs a second take, maybe a different pitch.

And I agree, I kinda like the vibe.
agreed, i dont think its perfect at the start, i liked how it opened up though, when i did a take and kept it opened up with the vibrato going the whole way through it wasnt as....fun? I got more of a sense of danger from the slowly opening up note. I was thinking of the note Thom Yorke does in You or the classic Buckley high notes (I wish) more than the classic "money shot" note that seems to be all the rage of the last 10 years that's perfectly controlled etc I would have used Brandon Boyd as the perfect example of that frankly and its one of the reasons im not a huge Incubus fan. On its own it scared me how funny it sounds but yeah that's rock and roll i guess.

I agree if it was a pro-recording it'd probs be right at the back of the mix if there at all. But i'll probs be doing that live so i think i'll open it up more then (might not be able to hold it quite so long though :p but i make stuff up anyway).

Its a D above High C for future reference having bothered figuring it out. Which is probably why it sounds funny because that bit is F-A-C, so i'm scooping down into the progression then back out.

Thanks a lot for negative as well as positive feedback im glad you got the vibe and I knew its not a studio perfect note but its re-assuring that even among people who realise its not great its not a note. check us out sometime if you're around essex or london UK

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I really liked the song a lot. I think your singing fits splendidly with the rest of the song, apart from that one tone, which I was not a fan of at all.
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