This may be tedious and dull but if I give you as much info on my training etc it will help me and I'm sure others to get the most out of this.
I started bodybuilding at 16, a month before my 17th, I'm now coming on 18 next month so I've been doing it a year now.
I was notbadly built, 10.3 stone but after some training I'm now 14 stone at 5ft10. I seem to bulk as much as I want which is awesome but I'm now craving some lean on my bod.

After all my bulking I have naturally concered a little fat round the sides and tum and being my age I still eat the odd bit of crap.
I've now just cut all that out and its been so for 5 days now, I may add a cheat meal in to satisfy the tastebuds as I'm not bothered about going completely buddah on this!

I do not use shakes but am contimplating so, here's my average day of diet at the mo, the thing I'm confused about is how many carbs and cals to keep my muscle and to improve upon it whilst building up, here's my average day food and workout

Breakfast-2 weetabix, 2 boiled eggs, bannana
2-3 hours later-2 pots of tuna plain
2-3 hours laer- ham, pasta, pasata
2-3 hours later-2 pots of tuna plain
Dinner-whatever my folks have, its always meat based and have now cut out carbs for that meal.

I need help, concerning fat loss and muscle gains as ou need carbs for blood sugars. How many? Where? When?

Here's my workout, I rotate it every 5-6 weeks.

Monday-Chest and Back
Dumbbell press
Dumbbell flye incline
Peck deck
Peck back
Lateral pulldown
-20-30mins cardio

Tuesday & Thursday
Cardio, core and abs
Usually do a circuit

Wednesday-Shoulders and legs
Leg raises
Barbbell press
Inverted press
Cable cross

Friday-Biceps and triceps
Seated curl
Reverse EZ curl
Hammer curl
Tricep rope
Tricep dip

My other plan is working out on diff days but I rest at weekends and now add 20-30mins cardio at the end of each workout, 15mins running intervals and then sprint and nterval training. My thursday evening i do a boxing class too as cardio.

So here's the challenge, 30 days. Forgetting weight as such and going on appearances I want a considerably more lean bod. So please, help me!
Ask here instead, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1421271

Unless you want tons of joke answers and bro-science that is.