Hi bass lovers of UG!

I've been looking for a new amp and i'd like to get your opinion on my options.
I play mostly funk, soul, R&B, reggae... you get the picture, but every now and then I like to play something that's more in the rock-metal department. I play a MIM Fender Jazz bass.
I'm looking for and amp that would be able to handle rehealsas and small gigs.
Versitality is important to me because I like the 'vintage' sound for reggae and R&B, and more 'modern' sound for example slapping.

I have been looking at TC Electronic BH500, Hartke HA3500, Ibanez Promethean and Ashdown Mag300h.

So please tell me your opinion on which of these would be the best choise for me, or would it be something completely different? Also, which cab(s) would work the best?
My budget for both the head and the cab(s) is around 800€.
Of those options I'm quite partial to the TC Electronic. It's pretty versatile and can get really nifty sounds. I'm not sure you can get that one and a cab for 800 euro though.

Personally I'd get 2 2x12 cabs with that but hey.
Only had experience with Ashdown and Hartke but I will say they're good value for the money, though nothing special. TC Electronic always get good reviews but I never knew Ibanez made amps.

With those genres in mind, ever considered a tube amp? Orange and Ashdown do some tube heads that might just slip into your budget.
I can get the TC BH500, 410 and 212 or 210 for just 800€. I probably would choose the 410 and 212 for slightly different sounds.

As for the tube amps, for some reason I've never liked anything that Orange does. But I did look at some Ashdown tube amps and the 550Syder stood out, and I might be able to get that and a cab for about 800€. Is it any good?
I might be wrong on this, but don't you think a 4x10 + 2X12 might be a bit of overkill for practices and small gigs.

I mean, I use a 1x12 + 1x6 and that does me for both rehearsals and small gigs; gigs that require anything more usually have P.A. support, negating the need for a large stack.
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The 410 + 212 might be indeed too much, but if I would buy only the head and 410 it would cost me around 700€. That means that i'd get the 212 for only 100€ if I buy them all at once.

But I still have hard time deciding what amp to get. I'll think about the cabs after I decide what head i'll get.