What is your opinion of Metallica doing an entire album with Lou Reed?

I don't know who Lou Reed is, but still...a whole album? And on top of that, they might be doing an album with Megadeth (minus Kirk ). Do you think you'll like the new album, why or why not?
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I don't know who Lou Reed is

This is the problem with 99% of Metallica fans.
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The point of underground bands is their not popular or famous most of the time. Thus there is a good chance they suck.
Well, like all projects that have a potential to be awesome, it also has a very high potential to be utter shit. However, I would be interested to hear it.
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I don't know who Lou Reed is,

Go away.

edit: guess I shouldn't be such a prick, I'll add that I am quite intrigued and will definitely give it a listen.
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I really don't understand how the Lou Reed collaboration is going to work out given they're both such complete styles, I'll still give it a listen though just out of curiosity's sake.
The Mustaine collab is different though, given their history. I think about it and it's like having a set of parents who separated close to your birth, and deciding to get back together now that you've turned 30. Just, weird, man.
Now all they need to do is find a way to re-animate Cliff and we're good to go!
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I don't know who Lou Reed is


I probably like Lou Reed better than Metallica, this album should be interesting though! Unfortunately i've been dissappointed about many an album this year/recently, but we'll just have to see how it pans out
Yeah, I always thought Megadeth and Metallica were like, sworn enemies. (Altough, I guess, Dave still doesn't want Kirk in the new album. Kinda sketchy, huh? It's like he's trying to take back his old place in 'tallica!)
Lou Reed is from the Velvet Underground. They're actually quite influential even if they're not that well known. I'm pretty interested in this as well. They said it's still going to be heavy. I'm guessing it's going to be basically heavy metal (or something close to Death Magnetic's heaviness) slightly toned down with some nuances from Lou Reed. It might work really well. Of course it may also fail spectacularly. I don't think there's much chance for any middle ground. I'm going to be optimistic and say it will be worth listening to. I also expect there to be one or two songs that will be soft or much less metal, similar to how Death Magnetic had The Unforgiven III and actually to many of their other albums.
Not just Velvet Underground, he had performed with many artists as well including David Bowie, The Killers and Gorillaz. With that said as someone else mentioned all collaborations have the possibility of being amazing or an utter turd. I think it will be pretty interesting none the less, probably well worth checking out if your a fan of either.

Dave is not trying to take back his old spot in Metallica either that is just stoopid. I think Dave being kicked out of Metallica was one of the smartest things that happened in music otherwise there would have never been that animosity and we would have never been blessed with the music of Megadeth.

Kirk should be scared, a collaboration with Megadeth might actually show the world how much of an over rated guitarist he is. I swear to god for all his solos he goes "hmmmmm something is missing here..." *light bulb goes on in head* "Ah ha! I know" *slightly cocks wah pedal* "There we go sound like every other solo" *wipes hands clean like he did something extraordinary*

Dont get me wrong I love metallica, but not a huge fan of Kirk, never was and never will be. I kinda think he is a poofter, yup gone done said that.
Lol, I didn't mean permanently, I just thought it was wierd. And Kirk is awesome, don't diss!
I'd love to hear Metallica crossed with Metal Machine Music.

But this can be discussed further in the unmissably large Metallica thread.
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