I have always had an issue with feedback and hum, no matter what set up I have. I want to get a good, but decent priced (preferably no more than 200-250) rack mount noise gate.

What are some good ones out there? I know someone who has a DBX brand one. Any other things I should look at? Too bad the decimator is like $400.

I am running EMG active pickups so that may be part of the reason my amp has so much fuzz on it between playing. I am using mogami gold tipped cords, a power conditioner, and did have a boss ns-2 but didnt use it much.

I was looking at this :http://www.amazon.com/DBX-166XL-Channel-Compressor-Limiter/dp/B0002H0QGY

I think its more compressor than gate though
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You can pick up an Alesis 3630 compressor/gate used for about $50 or less and just use the gate.
The Rocktron Hush and ISP rack units (and maybe others) have an advantage over their pedal versions. Not only do they gate noise, they reduce noise when the gate is open. this makes the gating job easier as you can cut the noise down a lot, so the gate can be set lower.
In fact, the noise reduction is SO good, I would get one just for that.

For most who have noise/feedback issues, I recommend a rack mount noise gate (Hush Super C is fine) and a decent pedal gate in front of the amp just to control feedback.
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