Hey guys

Does any one know any good Jazz/ improv video lesson's series online? Preferably on Youtube?

need to expand my ideas and get this down better ready for an exam in about 4 weeks.

I do not have to be like an amazing Jazz player in this exam, its more to show I know the basics that will lead to learning to be a good Jazz player.

A big part of it is about stepping away from Pentatonic and Blues scales.

I know about follow the chords with their arpeggios, as well as their relative major/ minor arpeggios, using passing notes (for example using the relative minor blues scale blue notes to add a minor 3rd passing note before the major third), but it doesn't stretch much further than that.

I think part of my problem comes down to not enjoy Jazz very much, but I know it will improve my playing, and I have to get this exam done good.

So yeah, know any good video series?

And any advice you want to add your self is very welcome.

In the exam I will just have to play over a major or minor ii v i.