Poll: Which song would you like to hear professionally recorded?
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She's the one I want
2 40%
Death of a Prism
1 20%
0 0%
0 0%
Purple Heart
0 0%
Can't Stop you from Rising
1 20%
Front and Side
1 20%
0 0%
Lovely Scars
0 0%
Voters: 5.
Well my band is nearing the amount of money we need to record 1 song in the studio, but the thing is we have 9 or so songs, and each of our 4 members has a different favorite! We need help from an outside source to decide which one to professionally record.

That's our Youtube channel, it has videos of us performing all of our songs live. If you could listen to at least enough of the songs to get an idea of which is your favorite and vote in the poll, we would all really appreciate it. Of course we also appreciate any comments or criticisms you have for any of our songs as well.

If you vote or give us any crits, I'll make sure to check out any material of yours you want and give it my best thought out crits. If you check out more than one of our songs I'll do the same for you.

You obviously don't have to listen to every song in it's entirety, just enough to get an idea of which is your favorite.

And of course, if you like us, we are on facebook:
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Not the kind of music I use to listen to ,but it is punchy ,catchy or wathever ... It sounds really good to me ,simple but efficient .This for the title "She's the one I want "
The second song is more rooted in blues ,the chords progression are blues oriented .I prefer this one ,but don't take my point of view as the one you should follow ,'cause I'm not really a good judge at it ,I love the blues so much ...
Third song : Maybe the most melodical attractiv one .The chord progression and riffs are attractive
Can't Stop Me From Rising FTW b/c of the intro/interlude riff. its sounds like something I'd listen to just in one of those "wtf do i do now?" moments
Hah, I was watching Liar, but was so entertained by the awkwardly funny dancers and the crazy guy headbanging at the guitarist and snapping his fingers in front of the lead singer that admittedly I didn't pay much attention to the actual music. But having said that, it was a good clip.

For the actual music, I like Mockingbird, the nice quiet intro and then going hard at the 1 minute mark in the clip. I dig that stuff.

I do have a suggestion though, not so much regarding the music itself, but the approach in trying to decide the song. I've noticed you running around the forum trying VERY hard to get C4Cs and I come here and see only 2 posts, I feel bad for you. Since you're gonna throw a lot of time and money into it, I think you would get a better (and much more accurate) response if you:
a) Narrowed the vote from 9 songs down to the 4 that your actual band favors (cos your band will have listened, practiced, played all the songs in their entirety... most of us here aren't gonna listen to all 9 songs in their entirety so our vote will be skewed, and you guys can't really tell who listened to what)

b) Post them individually, one at a time (say a different one each week, not all at the same time, there's some limit in the forum rules). That way, people can focus on one song, give better feedback, and you will have a much better idea which songs people find genuinely interesting, while being sure it's one that at least one of your bandmates really wants to do.

Hope that helps!
First off, cool stuff. Modern funky blues is always good. Singer reminds me a bit of Bradley Nowell from Sublime (in a totally good way)
Liar was cool, sweet riff. Really catchy.
Mockingbird built up really well, but the riff didn't do much for me.
Front and Side was probably my favourite. Laid back and groovy.

But really cool stuff man, liking you on Facebook now.
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