that was great dude
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That was really good except for two things.

1) The D# chord in Sections 3 and 6 never sat right with me. It always stuck out against the rest of the chords. You could probably find a different chord in the key, and then augment the shit out of it for a cool effect.

2) Once everything kicked in, it stayed somewhat the same. Not a bad thing, but I was thinking of maybe a short acoustic-y break before section 6 to give it some contrast for the final bombast of the song, or a break in feel away from the 4/4 time. Just something to give the song a bit more variation. If you've already got the vocals down then it's probably not a problems since it could be a vocal carried song.

Nice work d00d.
I don't see a problem with that chord being there, sounds fine. I do think measure 44 and all others with that progression in it seems meh, something about it seems unnecessary or could possibly have something extra added in at those parts.

It was rather samey I must agree, but generally it was pretty cool, I definitely loved the little outro octave chord part, that was badassness man.
Great song, great length, nice progression through the stages. Reminded me very much of Touche, very melodic. One suggestion I can think of is to get rid of either stage 3 or the first part of 6, or something that will give the song a quicker pace. Good job though.