I am currently running my mic through a bass amp, 60 watts, cranked up all the way. It's barely loud enough to play over drums. Could I use a boost pedal to make it louder?
Buy an actual P.A. system.
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Buy an actual P.A. system.


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Vocals cover a much wider frequency range than a bass amp can handle. With a boost pedal, you'd just be boosting frequencies that aren't being amplified properly in the first place. As others have said, you need a P.A. There are plenty of portable ones out there that are inexpensive, well-made and surprisingly loud. Check them out.
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Phonic PA's are cheap. And are decent from what I am told.
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I would buy a PA, however, the gig I need it for is in two weeks, and I have exactly $10 of money I could spend. I also kind of like the sound of the vocals through the bass amp.
A boost pedal would probably just put the amp even further into overdrive, since it's cranked up all the way already... It's worth a try, and you might be able to use it to get the 'radio' type of vocal effect you hear in some songs.
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Hate to say it but if you're not getting mic'ed at this gig, and you truly have no money to get a cheap PA, you're pretty well screwed. Ask around, you might be able to borrow one.
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