Hello everyone !

Check out a performance of my own song on youtube :


If you like it, please subscribe ! Thank you

Also, if you like the tone or anything don't hesitate to ask me for it. ( amp sim )
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You covered your own song?

What a douchey thing do to.
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Great song! It's just one thing. When you play your melodies in this song, they sound good melodically but they don't sound convincing when you play them on the guitar.


Also check out some videos on youtube about guitar phrasing, that can maybe inspire you
^ unfortunately that is something either you are born with either you are not! Guess I'm not , and I'm afraid all the youtube vids in the world would not help me with that problem.

And yes guys, I didn't mean to sound a douche at all, what I meant was performance I didn't know what to call it, I'm not English educated
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Thanks for all the feedback !

Yes I agree with the uninspired in certain sections, I improvised some parts, and my impro isn't that great
The symphonizer
That was an incredibly great take !

Some people just like to talk ! I mean yes, some parts needed more attention, but man you got enormous skills! I see some Sfogli/ Scar Symmetry influences. If people don't like that style then they definitely won't like your takes and will find you uninspiring !

From an objective point of view you don't look like a person who doesn't have a good phrasing, because some parts are incredibly well phrased, however I believe that some parts sounded not so natural because it seems you improvised them and that shows. A tip of advice, to avoid criticism, make your video flawless and irreproachable, therefore, avoiding improvising. But that's just my contribution to constructive criticism.

But other than that, everything was amazing! That lick at 1:16 with the breakdown was just epic. And digging the vibrato , even though in your place I would have waited like a sec or something before vibrating and thus showing more control ! But that's just taste !

Love it dude ! Keep em' coming, and think a lot about what I said, because you got enormous potentials.
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