Hello, I recently just bought this used amp, Peavey Rage 258 at a pawn shop (still have the receipt if I need to take it back) but the input jack doesn't seem to do anything at all when I plug my guitar into it. (It makes a very loud popping noise if I have the volume turned up)

I tried changing all the dials and everything, but nothing does anything. It works (sort of) when I plug it into Aux input, but its so quiet turned to max I can barely hear it.

Any idea of what is wrong with it? Thank you.

BTW I'm plugging my guitar straight into the amp.
I would return it if you could since the Rage should be very easy to find and cheap.
If you buy something which doesn't work, you take it back.
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Quote by GaryBillington
If you buy something which doesn't work, you take it back.

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