(£150)Squier Duo sonic:





As you can see the headstock has a 50's fender decal to match the aesthetics of the rest of the guitar, this was added by the first owner, it's well applied and lacquered over to match the rest of the neck. The only problem I've had with this guitar is that the bridge plate kept snapping my high e strings when I played hard so I replaced it with a 60's fender duo sonic bridge plate. The original squier barrels are on the bridge and the Squier bridge plate and 60's fender barrels will be posted with the guitar. There's a few dents/nicks in the finnish but nothing too bad.






This started life as a cruiser by crafter ibanez copy guitar which was stripped by my friend covered in newspaper and then varnished. Some of the paper has been scratched off and the body has been drawn on with sharpie so cosmetically it's in pretty poor condition but all the hardware works as it should. The pickups are wired backwards to the standard configuration but other wise work as they should otherwise.

I also have a cheap acoustic which I'll let go for £20, no pictures right now because it's in my uni accommodation.

If you're interested or have any questions feel free to drop me a PM or post here. Also if you'd like to buy one (or more) of my pedals (link in sig) with one of these guitars then I'll definitely offer a discount