I've decided that the stock speakers in my B-52 are crap, and can't handle the low end from my Trace Elliot RAH350SMX. I know I'm broke as all broke, but I need something to save up for, and since my VK is KIA, I need this thing to get me my tone, cause I like me tone.

So, the amp is 700 watts 4 ohms SS, and the cab is 480 watts 4 ohms mono, which I need to at least have enough watts to be comfortable using this amp with this cab, so high wattage speakers are a must.

The cab is pretty decent, it's a slant cab, and is built really well, solid plywood, just the speakers are flabby and shrilly with the highs, hardly enough mid range. I'm guessing each stock speaker is 120 watts at 16 ohms.

Guitar is a Squier Affinity with a BKP Painkiller in the bridge, and two BKP Trilogy Suites, distortion is a Keeley modded DS-1(that I haven't finished modding).

I've been looking at these speakers.

WGS Liberators 80 watts(x4=320 watts) : http://wgs4.com/liberator-80-80-watts

WGS Retro 30 75 watts(x4=300 watts): http://wgs4.com/content/Retro30

WGS British Lead 80 watts(x4=320 watts): http://wgs4.com/content/BL

WGS G12C 75 watt(x4=300 watts): http://wgs4.com/content/g12c

I'm looking at WGS speakers because they are just great for the value, and I prefer to not spend over $100 per speaker. I love my WGS V-30, but they don't have enough watts.

And I can already get close to this tone...but I wanna get closer.