as the tilte suggests, around £150-£200 mark, i have a cheap strat copy that i got from argos, nothing to write home about but its not to bad but i would like something with a bit more bite, mostly into classic rock and progressive music with the odd bit of metal thrown in, and an amp as well but there's so many to choose from, about the £100 mark, thanks for any suggestions. should mention mainly for bedroom use so not to fussy about it getting banged about but dont want it to fall apart.
I'm not sure if you can find any Xaviere guitars outside of the U.S., but I would definitely suggest an Xaviere XV-500 or XV-599.

As far as amps go, I don't really know what you have now, but I would suggest a Peavey Vypyr as a default.
If you could spend £150-£200 on the guitar then you could easily find a vintage v100 that would suit what you're looking for pretty well, or go used and maybe find one even cheaper (I saw one a coupla days ago for £120.
As for the amp, maybe a roland cube of some sorts? Or maybe a vox vt20?
Gould make a really good LP copy - I've got one & have posted a review on UG. Search for GLP100. I also added a link in the comments to a video review of that guitar by Rob Chappers so you can get a second opinion.
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I'm voting for the Vintage V100 aswell. Great guitar for what you're paying. I own one myself and pimped it up a littlebit. It sounds like a real Gibson now and i've paid only a fraction of the price haha :P
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I've been playing guitar for 5-6 years and have just come back from a 1-year break and was after a cheap electric guitar to get used to it again. I went for an ESP LTD EC-10... it's the lowest-end of the EC range and yet it feels just as good as my £1000 schecter used to, after I set it up properly. The lower end EC's come with ESP humbuckers rather than EMG's, so it's still fairly versatile. I also bought a Peavey Valveking 112 for just under £100 which is (again) good for a range of styles and capable of metal (despite what people say). I refuse to play cheap solid state amps.
I'm a bit wary of replicas...

A friend of mine has a Harley Benton HBL500BK and put a Dimebucker on the bridge and some straplocks but it's stock pretty much, and he swears by it.

I hate it. The dimebucker makes it sound... interesting, but it's playability is weird, and I much prefer the tone of my own Epiphone Les Paul. It's very clear (to me) the wood is of much better quality and even the overall construction of the guitar. It just has a different feel.

So my humble suggestion is you go for an Epi Les Paul Standard, or a studio if you can find them. My Standard cost me 322€, and I know the studio costs 289€ or something, over here in Europe. Just a little bit more expensive than your budget, but if all the other replicas are as sucky as the Harley Benton, forget about them.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys, i have now made my purchase but its a PRS copy by stagg and i am very very pleased with it, i know some knock stagg but it was a cheap guitar i was after but it plays like a dream and a looker too, i hope to have a review of it soon but i'm just playing it and it gives me pleasure. I posted in the techniques thread of being in a bit of a rut at playing but the noises coming out of this thing is great, so thanks once again and look out for the review soon.