hey guys i need some help, i have a "self introductory speech" due in a couple of days and my subject has to do with how it changed me and shaped me into the individual that i am today. so i decided that playing guitar has done that. it just had to be a 3-5 min speech and i need some ideas on what to talk about.

all i need is an :
central idea-
3 main points- 3 sub points in each

talk about how it got you chicks
"The man that hath no music in himself, nor is not moved with concord of sweet sounds, is fit for treasons, stratagems, and spoils. The motions of his spirit are dull as night, and his affections dark as Erebus. Let no such man be trusted."
Yes, because we all know you personally and well enough to tell how you playing your instrument has changed you.
If you can't write about playing guitar there's no hope for you.
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1st) History
2nd) Iconic guitars - Strats, Les Paul etc...
3rd) Techniques
4th) Iconic players
How the hell would we know how YOU playing guitar shaped YOU into the individual YOU are?

Isn't that stuff you should know about yourself? I mean none of us know what kind of individual you are...
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im sure some of you guys have taught yourself how to play, im just asking in general how that affected you in how you are today
Okay, before I taught myself to play guitar I was a light-hearted individual that could frequently be found enjoying ice cream with the other kids on the playground.

After learning the guitar, I am a bitter, cynical old man that enjoys complaining about how ****ing terrible today's society is and how our government couldn't govern it's way out of a wet paper bag.
Before I taught myself to play guitar I was an innocent boy who enjoyed kittens, cotton candy and fair rides.

After learning the guitar, I am a sexual deviant metal head who eats kittens, steals childrens candy, and sacrifices virgins in my mothers basement to the almighty Cthulhu
Sail upon the open skies
If you can't say how something has changed your life then it hasn't.. talk about something else
Say that you have spent too much time playing guitar to do this assignment...

Where's Waldo?

3-5 minutes is like one paragraph.

I think you will be OK.

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she was saying things like... do you want to netflix and chill but just the chill part...too bad she'll never know that I only like the Netflix part...
Being in bands is good for your social skills and learning an instrument is more productive than playing videogames in your spare time. However, I don't know how it would affect who I am unless it made me famous or a heroin addict. If anything has shaped me it's my friends, alcohol and the internet.

Edit: I'm forgetting my family, school, TV and plenty more.
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it's scored you some drugs which were psychedelic which changed you and turned you into a lazy hippie who doesn't do his homework.
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Do the work yourself, or else you're just letting yourself down.

I feel TS won't see it that way, but it really is useful to take a step back and think about how things have shaped you, not just for a piece of homework. I wish I did it more as a kid.
Before guitar: Chilling on the playground, maybe playing some basketball.

After guitar: You live in Bel-Air.

Fill in the details, you'll get an A+.