So I had some down time during Irene this weekend and decided to lay down a new cover song in garageband. It's a cover of 10am Automatic by The Black Keys. Everything you hear is original, no backtracking. Take a listen and let me know what you think. I would love to get your feedback on the recording itself. Things I can improve on, etc.

Keep in mind, I do this as a hobby and completely understand that I don't have the best voice.

Link to song: http://snd.sc/plcPZP
I think that you´ve done a good job. You have a good voice aswell. The only problem I can mention would be that you could have been more energetic at times regarding the vocals. It´s like you took a step back and let go, becoming too quiet. Go loud =)

Then there´s the drums that didn´t really fit. Mostly soundwise, but it´s okay. Lacking a real drummer makes you use samples and stuff. Keep up the good work.