Everything I want to play is too easy or too hard. I've been playing for roughly two years, and am around Sweet Child 'O Mine stage. As in, I can play all of it extremely well apart from the very fast solo bits. Can't seem to find any middle ground stuff. Most of the music I like is very easy.

What are some middling difficulty songs? No stuff like Avenged Sevenfold or metal please.
I know that feeling. I just beat it. The best tactic is to look at something unfathomably difficult to you, and say 'I'm going to play that'. I did it with the Skin O My Teeth guitar solo, or at least the first third of it. You're gonna have to knuckle down and practice very slowly with a metronome. You might see no improvement for weeks at a time, but if you practice cleanly and stay disciplined, eventually you'll be able to do it. And then you do something else, and eventually, whaddaya know, you've gotten better
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umm thunderstruck by acdc or porceline heart by opeth. its not metal but almost. and it will practice a lot of different techniques.