So i recently got a Jackson Kelly but i noticed that whenever i play it my wrist seems to hurt. Ive been playing guitar for 3 years now and i can shread on my strat for hours and hours at a time and my fretting hand doesnt hurt. Its not only when im playing power chords either. Anyone have some suggestions?
Nah im pretty sure its got a smaller neck. its really thin compared to my strat neck
tilt up the neck, probably has to do with the way the guitar balances.. the more you tilt it up ( closer to your ear) the less work your left hand has to do to fret notes.
Alright, thanks man! I noticed my wrist doesnt hurt when i play it standing up. Kellys have such and awkward shape to play sitting down so thats probably what it is.
I love the pain of playing guitar, its kinda like a battle scar! just put some icy hot on your wrist