I just wanted to share a really cool opportunity with all of you. This is a play-anywhere juman powered guitar kit (and finished guitars) If you have never seen one before, please take a look at our page:

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There are kits available to make your own play-anywhere human powered guitar, or some really nice finished guitars.

Anyway, enough of plugging our project. At least take a look and tell a friend. We'd love to share this opportunity.

Also, please send us an email and tell us your most used guitar effects pedal. We want this guitar to be the best road guitar for practice or gigs.

Wow, so it's a guitar with an on-board Amplifier that gets its power from a hand-cranked Dynamo?

That's pretty cool, but I am not sure about the practicality of such a design.
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It looks interesting, but not sure how practical it would be. Maybe consider making it a 'travel size' version so at least the application makes sense.
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You may wanna check up on the rules here, dude. No advertising. Sorry, but *reported*

it doesnt look like hes advertising for his own benefit. or does any money go to any use except building this? if all the money goes to the build, then thats probably not alright.
if some goes to an organization for a good cause, then that should be alright.

otherwise i might as well start a fund raiser for my 2 builds
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overdrive/distortion for most used effect...maybe a tuner or delay....thats really cool though!
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