Poll: Which name to go with for a Metalcore/Deathcore band?
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Patient Zero
0 0%
Visions of Zosimos
0 0%
4 100%
Voters: 4.
My Metalcore/Deathcore band is having a hard time on deciding which name we want to begin playing shows with. So debate within the band is between two names at the moment.

Visions of Zosimos (Zow-Sih-Maaz)
Patient Zero

For me, in terms of originality Visions of Zosimos wins out easily. The backstory behind the name is pretty cool and fits well with what our songs are generally about. The problem with this name is promotion. First of all, people are most likely going to pronounce it wrong. Secondly, when we try to promote ourselves during shows, two things could potentially happen: People might have a hard time remembering our name. And even if they do remember it, spelling may be a problem if they want to recommend it to their friends, family, etc...

Patient Zero on the other hand, is much less creative (IMO) and refers to a subject that is way overused in modern society (zombies.) However, it is much easier to remember and promotion will probably go smoother.
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Could just call the band Zosimos. Keeps it short but still interesting.
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I think you should go with Wolfgang Tits. It's Sexy, Bad-ass, Serious, Funny, and Easy to Remember all at once. It's the perfect name! I'll miss you, Wolfgang Tits, Good-Bye.

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