I gave it a listen. Not my cup of tea at all. Well recorded tho I guess.
Head like a stone, stoned like a rock.

It reminds me of taking back sunday, and thursday. I wouldn't be surprised at all if TBS was an influence of yours, is it? Kind of like hawthorne heights too.

I really like it, I think you've got great potential keep making music like this.
To rustymoore91-- This song isn't very good stoned, I smoked with the engineer after we finished and it doesn't sound bad but the perpective isn't the same. I'm writing a lot more songs with weed to relax a bit more.

to filter2700- thanks I will be putting up a lot more songs continually.
Weed always helps when writing, if you like it at least. It definitely helps me be more creative, keep up the great work.
not a fan of the genre, but the recording is definitely pro. the screams are a little off IMO, but i'm by no means a scream connoisseur.
actually after listening to it some more, the whole recording sounds sort of de-balled and lifeless. i think the song is pretty good, but the recording kind of takes away from the heavy parts.

in terms of the actual composition of the song, everything flows well, the chorus is catchy but you don't play it so many times that i never want to hear it again, and i do actually like this song.

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American Circus
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