I'm looking for a way to boost some of my leads in songs. However when I try to use a boost, it seems like I pretty much get more gain and not volume. I have enough gain(playing through a marshall dsl) and just need volume. What can I use as a pure volume boost?
when you engage a boost in front of a distorted channel, you'll only add more gain. putting the boost in the effects loop (i.e. after the preamp distortion) will give you a boost, provided your output tubes aren't already saturated (i.e. if your amp isn't already on 11).
You could boost your mids with a tube screamer, or eq/ It will help you cut through better
Put it in the effects loop. In front of the amp is only going to give you more preamp juice.

The reason why you get more volume when you have it on the clean channel and engage the distortion pedal is because you're pushing the preamp closer to breakup. On the distortion channel, the preamp is breaking up already, so adding an OD won't give you more volume, but it will give you more gain, compression and a tighter sound.

In the effects loop, you're amplifying the preamp signal after it's broken up, but before it hits the power amp, which makes your sound louder.
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My buddy uses a 10 band in the loop for solos. Sounds fantastic. You could get away with a 6 or even just a clean boost.
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what about eq pedals? would raising the level on those help at all?
Yes... If you put it in the amp's FX loop as previously mentioned.
Or, check out the award session solo booster. £45, sits in the fx loop and provides switchable volume. You set it up so that when it is disengaged it drops he volume by the desired amount for rhythm work, so you aren't bosting anything or changing the tone atall, just using two different volume presets.