AN: Pretty straightforward tune I recently wrote, lemme know watch think and as always, C4C!! Enjoy!

My Life in My Pocket

I spent my time pretending
That this wasn’t real
I wasted my time dreaming
And trying not to feel
But now I’ll take up this mantle
And I’ll light this flame
And then I’ll tell you what it feels like
To be new again

I lavished myself with stories
And false claims
I brought myself up on these
Without a truth to my name
And I took this fire
And I watched it burn
It lit this fear inside me
That I would never learn

So don’t try to tell me that I wasn’t right
It’s like living inside a nightmare
The ones you have at night

About the worst things
At the worst times
It’s never good enough
To be sorry
To feel scared
To just breathe deeply and sigh
Cause no one will ever know
How you feel inside

I’m sick of all these useless games
The ones that I invented
To make myself feel bigger
And never again
Be forced to watch the world
Turn and spin
Without giving a damn what I think
I’m never giving in

I’ll keep fighting against myself
Knowing I’ll never win
I’ll keep believing that I can change
Even the doctors have given in
It’s not like a movie
Where no one has to die
And they all live on forever
Their stories I fantasize

Pre chorus


Let me go
No one has to know
I’ll save my secret in my pocket
My life encased inside this locket
Tell me why
I’m living inside
This worthless world without my friends
I take my chances and start again



Thanks again for reading =)
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I like this. I cant really find anything that needs to be changed. pretty curious on how it might sound as a song though. keep on writing
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Violets are blue
I write poetry
And it sucks.
I like the lyrics as they are, they're nice and simple, but without hearing the song, they could easily go either way. The could end up really cheesy or really good.
Thanks for the critiques and suggestions guys, much appreciated!!
Too lazy to come up with a clever or relevant sig.