I want to be more creative with my sweep picking. Im stuck playing the same C-shape min/maj sweeps up and down. Is there any tips on how to be more creative whit my sweeps, plyers who are creative and tecniques to add inn? It seems like many guitarists have the same problem.
well what you need to do is learn more arpeggios, so you know exactly which arpeggio to sweep and when, practice and then you will good to go dude. i know i couple, and st work on them, if you know your chords then you will learn them faster
Well, you can do more than just up and down.

For example, the first arpeggio in Miles of Machines by Jeff Loomis is broken up and he kind of segments these triad-like deals.
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You're best bet is simply to forget sweeping for the time being because you're in no position to make use of it.

Sweeping is just a way of playing arpeggios really quickly, arpeggios are just the notes of a chord played individually.

If you don't know your theory basics...how to harmonise the major scale, how to construct chords etc then yo've got absolutely no hope of doing anything creative with sweeping. There's little point trying to do something at lightning speed if you don't actually have a clue what it is you're doing - you need to develop an understanding of harmony if you ever want to actually be able to use sweeping.
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