I have an 8 string, which i never get to play live, and it makes me sad. It's a schecter so 26.5 scale and we play in drop A. where can i get tiiiinny strings. I've tried 8's and they always pop just before i get them into tune, somewhere around G#. Anybody know where I could get like a 7 or maybe even a 6?
D'Addario make .007s. I've used one to get A at 27" on my RG2228. Very tight and rigid, and practically unbendable. It only worked because there are almost no weak points for the string to break on that guitar.

Do a search for Octave4Plus if you want to really tune higher. Get some custom strings.
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Why do you need a high A if you're playing in drop A?
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just to tell you going smaller than 8 would be redundant for high tunings. Reason being the .008 and .009 would actually be better suited to go that high in comparison to the .007 and .006.

In other news, you're not getting that high A without a shorter scale.
Basically you need fanned frets or a 3/4 guitar.

EDIT: in the chance that you do get it to work. on a 25.5 or larger it wont be very usable (i.e. you can only fret, and pick light to moderate)
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