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Broken link is broken.

this. but i google'd.

do you mean this? (i hope i've posted the right guy, i have no idea who andrew stockdale is)

that's a '70s/80s gibson SG standard, i think the sunburst finish was introduced in the late '70s - a few of them (literally, hundreds, which isn't that many really) were fitted with gibson-brand bigsby trems. you may be able to find a hardtail version from the same era for a pretty decent price on somewhere like ebay, but one with an original trem will be difficult to find.

the new gibson SG standards are nothing like that at all. in fact i don't think anyone makes anything quite like it anymore.
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new all i can find is this http://www.guitarfetish.com/XV-300-Double-Cutaway-Guitar-Solid-Mahogany-Flamed-Maple-Sunburst_p_2217.html#
i honestly have no idea how it'd go though.
I love his guitar sound. first album ruled.
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I'm Belgian you see, don't really know the rules of it in English
and indeed, that's the guitar I was talking about.. seems that I'll just stick with my tele then