Aight, so I'm mixing an EP for this band. 4 Tracks. This is the closer.

I've spent maybe 4 hours on this over a few days, only doing bits and pieces. Been a rough week so not particulary 100% focused at the moment.

Anyway. It's real drums, with samples on the kick and snare, the mic'd kit peices are still in the mix. Drums were done to a click, i think. But the band still wants it raw which is awesome cos I normally do 100% programmed drums with other bands.

I have no idea about what the kit was, or the bass or the mics. Guitars are a 7 string shecter DI, bass is DI to.

Hit us up if you wanna know more details.

This is pretty cool dude. The toms need a bit more work on the updated mix, they're really lacking punch, but overall I think the drums are starting to come out really nicely. I was hoping the snare and kick would be 100% original though, would've been refreshing to hear 100% live drums in a metal song. Either way though, they still sound pretty good, I think the cymbals need to be louder, though, they get a bit buried at times. I noticed there's some odd snare hits at the end, a few sound either like they're double triggering, or the hits aren't spaced out enough and they aren't being hit completely in time?

Guitars sound pretty good, nice and clear with plenty of body from the bass filling it in. When they are soloed on each side at points, they do sound a bit thin, though. Not really a huge deal though, since the bass fills them in throughout the rest of the song.

Vocals are still pretty rough, were you planning on keeping them more raw like that? I think a bit of reverb/delay could really thicken them up, but they sound pretty cool as-is. The vocalist is pretty good and I really dig the overdubs with the lows over the highs throughout the song.


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kick and snare sound tight as ****. up those guits though, makes the vocals seem too loud. and yeah, the toms seem to be lacking some girth.
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Slate on kick/snare/toms + Natural Overheads and Room.
Guitars are x50 again and bass is b.o.d

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Hey dude, thanks for checking out my song.

I'm listening to Gutless Mix 4 (I think). Sounds pretty good for the most part, but the toms sound really disconnected from the kit as do the OH's. Maybe try parallel compressing the room and OH's for a little more sustain and punch so they don't sit so far back in the mix. The vocals definitely fulfill the raw vibe, I'm digging 'em.