Specs and talk can wait, ON WITH THE PICS!

For those who don't know, this is a Patrick Eggle Berlin Plus HT(hardtail), made in 1995 (good decade for Eggles). I don't see much of them on this forum for some reason.

Specs as followed;

Body- Brazilian Mahogany with thick Maple top

Neck- Brazilian Mahogany

Fretboard- Rosewood

Pickups- Kent Armstrong or Seymour Duncan (they switch between models) with split coil

Bridge- Wilkinson Stoptail


Arrived in a form fitted case

I've had this guitar for about a week now and so far I'm really impressed. I'm not sure whether it's due to the Mahogany neck or just good constuction but acoustically the notes really have a warmth and depth to them that I don't find with my S series.

As far as playability the whole guitar is satin finished, I really love the feel of the neck because of this. It's a pretty thin neck but it rounds out alot nearer the headstock and maintains a constant C profile, unlike the Wizard necks which i'm used to, no shoulders on this one.
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Nice, almost PRSish

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I found Myself drooling!


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Looks awesome man should post a clip when you get the chain HNGD
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love those natural finish berlins

i try to mention them on the forum as often as i can
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looks like a prs/EB hybrid...very cool..
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Looks like a naked PRS. HNGD!
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Very nice!! HNGD!
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