Aside from a slight timing issue, you're hitting a couple of wrong notes. For example, the "descending" part at the end of the intro/chorus riffs is C#-C-B and you're doing G#-G-F#.

Also, you're doing too much of a bend on the verse riffs where it's actually more of a vibrato. It's supposed to be an A note (5th fret on the E string) with vibrato, but you're actually bending it to an A#.

I'd also work on using more of your other fingers because it will really help you out. Right now you seem to rely too much on you index and ring fingers.

Oh, and something that's important on RATM, and that I think is way awesome, is that they remind us that you don't need a kewl distortion pedal to sound heavy. Morello sounds massive not from the amount of distortion he gets (which is actually not a lot), but it's more because of his playing, right hand heaviness.

Hope that helps!
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Rock on y'all!

Cheers for the tips, I pretty much tried to learn the song via ear at a jam and just ended up getting most of it down,

The bend I could never get, I felt when i did vibrato it was never enough, and the bend just sounded more natural to me,

I think with the slower songs I tend to use those fingers more naturally because I don't need the speed of my other fingers, but with faster songs like parkway I notice I make use of all my fingers rather than moving my hand, I have no idea why that is though
I've never really listened to RATM. I like it but I don't really listen much to it haha don't have it on my iPod :p

I liked it, I've never listened to the original so I can't really criticize much. I can say your tone was pretty sweet.

Keep doing covers man!

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