So something is going on with my signal chain that shouldnt be happening. My pre amp loses its control of volume, feed back is unbearable, im picking up some mexican radio station, and it over all is just horrible. Signal chain is as follows:

Gibson sg»>cbh wah»>distortion»>boss ge-7 eq»> boss cs3 »> boss ns2»> amp input

Blue voodoo effects loop w/-12db buffer, ns2 via send and return jacks.

If i run the ns2 in the x patern it fixes it but phasing goes crazy. If run normal as above the other crazy stuff happens. Amp is on distortion channel.

Help please.
Plug the guitar straight into the amp input. Cut down on all the pedals etc.

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Firstly, plug the guitar directly into the amp, does this cure it? If so the problem lies on your board/patch cables somewhere, else it is a guitar/amp/cable problem.

Do you have a 2nd guitar try that. Change your lead. Try your setup through a different amp if possible. Try to issolate the cause. If it is on the pedabl board, try starting with one pedal and adding pedals back into the chain till you find the culpret(s). Check your cables too. It could be something not earthing properly.

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Yeah i mean that works but the blue voodoo is buzzy as hell and the eq and compression i use as a boost with tge distortion as a saturater.
peerhaps check the batteries on your pedals?
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