Peavey Valve King Head. Item is in perfect condition. I have removed the plate with the winged logo and just kept the Peavey logo on the front. I do have this if you so wish to have it. I spray painted the grill to give it more of a Mesa look and painted the Preamp covers Red to give it some more flare. I replaced the Tubes back in Feb. 4 new Ruby 6l6GC's that I have been running with no problems. In the preamp I have a Sovtek LPS (V3), Mesa (V2), and Tung sol (V1) which is basically the setup most VK users recommend aside from the Mesa in V2 which still sounds great on the Distortion channel. If you like I can include the footswitch I have have for it. It's a 2 button that works with the VK not the Peavey switch as it doesn't get sold with the footswitch. Amp has had little problems and has only been in the shop for minor repairs ever. Will take 400 obo. Serious inquires only as I'm only trying to move this to try and upgrade my rig. If interested please let me know.

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R&R Amps SL/LD (preamp)
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Morpheus Dive bomber
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