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Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but I didn't see anywhere to put it.

So me and a few of my friends are starting a band the drummer listens to extreme death metal and basically all he does is blast beats. Our singer/screemer listens to stuff like bullet for my valentine and he screams most of the time. One of our guitarists listens to everything from punk and ska to indie and folk and he can play a mean acoustic guitar. Our bassist has basically no experience playing a fretted instrument and I think he listens to metal. I am also playing guitar and I like a lot of stuff, from Falling in Reverse and Escape the Fate(lol) to Taking Back Sunday to Van Halen I also like ska.

So, back to my question, what would be a good way for us to start off playing and keep everyone somewhat happy, or if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them
Well, your friends sound like douches.

I suggest finding people who are actually MUSICIANS who focus on playing good music rather than arguing about genres.
1. Learning to play an actual instrument before joining a band is actually very useful. Tell that to your bassist.
2. Get your friends to listen to some real music.
3. Bring me some cookies and a bottle of Jack and I'll tell you more useful information.
You need to get together and agree what songs you're going to play. If you can't find any common ground which you all agree on, it's not going to work. All of you will need to compromise, it doesn't sound like anybody is going to be playing their ideal style.

When you have the discussion, if you can't agree on a way forward, you should probably suggest splitting up before you all waste your time trying something which isn't going to work.

Sorry to sound so negative, but that's just the way it is. If you all just want to get together & jam for fun, do it, but it sounds like you may struggle to find any form of mid-ground which you could focus on as a gigging band.
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Hey man, just get together and jam first. If things go well, throw some audio recording software on and see where it goes.
Okay, I would say maybe find some common ground - you all seem to like metal, although different sub-genres...maybe try to find some common ground somewhere in there, like is there a foundation of similar tastes somewhere in there? Try covering some classic metal songs you like just to make sure you guys are gonna gel okay. Next, look into some of the varieties of folk metal...I think you could probably squeeze in a little bit of everything for everyone in the band...good luck.
I'm assuming your all young (14-18 years old), so this problem is really common for your age and i wouldn't count on you getting too far in this band any time soon if you don't all get your heads out of your arses.

When your young arrogance and ignorance are big factors, especially when starting your first band experiences
There is always that twat who doesn't co-operate and wants it all their way because they are so ignorant to what others are feeling.

You can either just jam it out and come up with your own stuff

Or you can find some common ground and play some covers that you all like.

However, you should really take into consideration of your bassist, if he has not been playing long, don't be a dick and write/suggest technical songs.

In other words you all need to understand that you wont be playing the type of music you love and you all need to pull together to get this band moving, stop pulling in different directions.
Thanks for the feedback you guys, I think we will probably end up trying grunge like early Our Lady Peace or maybe some Alien Ant Farm type stuff.