I have a krank rev+ which runs through a peavey 5150 and I have a solid state b52 with b52 cab.

I was wondering how I would run this stereo as the 5150 only has one input for the speaker. Ive never ran stereo before and my confidence level is low on safely setting it up, anyone have some good links or information of their own?
Set up both amps as normal, as if you were going to play them separately. The amps do not interact and are not plugged into each other in a stereo setup. You are running two mono setups (head+cab) together for a stereo effect. It doesn't sound like you have a stereo cab, so you don't have the option of using both heads through one cab. For what it's worth, I don't find that approach useful anyway - with stereo, having the speakers far from each other creates a much more pleasing effect.

Get an A/B/Y box or Y-splitter.
Plug the guitar into the input, and the A output of the splitter into one amp and the B into another with guitar cables. Hit "Y" on the splitter.