anyone tried these. the internet has told me it can outdo the vt bass as it can get high level of distortion without losing low end. anyone ever tried. my fuzz pedal died so looking into getting a new distortion and this one seems like it can do fuzz distoration overdrive... like everything
Whether it "outdoes" the Tech 21 VT Bass pedal is debatable, but Aguilar on-board preamps rule the roost with custom makers and with more than a few production makers. Aguilar makes first-rate gear. I suspect it is a very good pedal.
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Yea I'm really more concerened with getting a good fuzz out of it cause that's what I really want. I may just get a big muff again for now if it cant
I have the Agro it does everything from classic grit to modern grind but if you are looking to get a fuzz tone well look somewhere else.
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