as the title suggests, im recording with sonar X1, and what i need some help with is input monitoring. i have my guitar going straight into my laptop with the direct line in (sadly all i can afford for now) and im running sonar X1 with amplitube 3. i have input echo turned on, and as i thought, there is a delay from when i hit a note to when i hear it come out of my speakers (hence "echo"). is there any way to reduce this delay? i want the sound to be as close to a live amp as possible, aka zero delay.
You really can't do much at all without a proper interface. Most stock sound cards were not made for true real time playback speeds....and so you're getting latency.

You could just turn off monitoring, play your part with a "dry" mix....and just listen to everything after it's been recorded.

Eventually you'll want to upgrade to an interface. Look around for used products in the local listings and online. MusiciansFriend has a lot of used gear at discounts and I tend to buy used to save money myself....rarely have an issue.