Was just at GC a few minutes ago and had an Epiphone by Gibson Strat for $70. Will totally get this if I can get some more information on it. It has a trem that looks like a Kahler, but isn't. Anyone got some info?

edit: did some research and seems like the Epiphone S-310
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from the 80s, iirc they are MIK or MIJ.

cool guitars, lots of mojo.

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Ya mid to late 80's not bad from what I've heard. Pretty good for blues and what not.
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I have an Epiphone strat clone, I think it's made in -94, according to serial number, the body is plywood, maple neck and fretboard, 22 frets, Explorer headstock, on the truss rod cover it says "Gibson". The bridge on my guitar sucks, it's a cheap 2-point sychronized tremolo system and the wood has broken under the other screw, so it won't stay in tune.

But I searched for Epis with Kahler, and found this thread , is this the same guitar?
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^Not the same guitar, there were no marks on the tremolo at all, which makes me believe that it's the same one that you have. Well now idk, might just pick up the RG350 they have for $150, need something to bring up to school.
i used to have one,

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/Dempsey68/pictures/gear/general/484424 <- the black one there

and it weighed an absolute tonne, the action was quite high, and it sounded quite muddy. for $70 you can't go wrong, but i hated mine. i readed it for a 70's les paul i had and wish i hadn't.

and yeh you're right, it was an epi S310
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