This is a song I've written called Baphomet. It's kind of dwelling on an intense, consuming obsession of mine, and how worship can turn dark and destructive.



A specter wanders these grey halls
An ethereal being consumes me
Strangled by snakes of a Gorgon:
One cold glance and stone entombs me.

And though you still walk in the flesh,
you glow white at my bedpost.
The God we both detest,
makes us the victim of my Eros.

Are you a child of Jupiter,
Aphrodite, or Lucifer?
In your name I hold this vigil,
and in my skin I carve your sigil.

Taste the flesh of Baphomet;
My skin in dissolves and blood congeals.
I draw stars and I draw circles,
To form your unholy seal.

Will you sell yourself to me like Faust;
have your pretty little heart dismembered?
Your blood: the wine that heals my drouth,
and seals your fate among the embers.


I'd love for you to let me know what you what you think, be it positive or negative.

Critique will of course get you a critique from me.

I love you all. ♥

PS: I'm playing a baritone uke, not a guitar.
I thought this was a good set of lyrics, it took abstract and mystical concepts (gorgons, Greek mythology) and grounded them in relatable themes, which is not an easy task, so i commend you on that.

Your word choice was great and really fit the subject matter quite well. The last line was a great closer that rounded everything up quite well.

Great job man! C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1475763
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