Hi. I'm thinking of going up from 10s to 11s and I want to tune to D Standard. I was wondering what I'd have to take into consideration- I've heard my guitar may need intonation or truss rod adjustments?

So what are your views on going up in string gauge and anything else I should know about? Also, could you tune straight to D after restringing or is it recommended to tune to Standard (after stretching the strings) and then tune down? Thanks
Switching string gauges is not a huge deal, especially a small change like 10s to 11s. Just put the new strings on and play for a little while to get used to them. I always tune to standard when I put new stings on no matter what, but I don't really think it's a necessity.
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it would probably just need intonation and action adjustments but a truss rod adjustment may be necessary. definitely read up really good about what you're doing before just going at the truss rod. and just tune it to d, no need to go to standard then down. and btw if you have a floyd rose of any kind you have to balance out the springs in the back, you didn't post what guitar you have so idk.
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Like the previous comment said such a small change in gauge shouldn't really require any major changes. I would recommend putting it in standard for awhile though until the strings stretch. It will also allow you to get used to any changes in feel you'll have until you get used to the little differences.
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Being as your tuning down the D you shouldn't have to adjust the truss rod. It only needs adjusted when you add more, or get rid of a bunch tension. 11's in D with be slightly looser than 10's in E. I highly doubt you'll need to adjust the truss rod. And tuning up to E first, a tuning your not even going to use with these strings has to be the dumbest thing I've heard all day. You'll probably need to adjust the intonation a little on the wound strings.
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