ok, so i have been wanting to start building and modding pedals for a while, so i bought a DIY boost pedal that is supposed to be easy. I have a soldering iron, solder, screw driver, exc. What else do i need? Any advice? And can you guys recommend a book on the subject of PEDALs or anything you see fit. Thanks! P.S. parts sights would be helpful to, please just add all you know.
Check out indyguitarist.com Brian Wampler is full of knowledge and has assembled a few books about it. They have a forum too. And this forum is always helpful.
I got started the same way. As for tools you'd need that you didn't list: wire cutters, solder sucker, solder wick, and various wrenches for pots and jacks.
Good luck!
any begging analog electronics book should do it,
I haven't heard of a specialized boon On pedals though, but is fairly easy to apply the concepts learned in analog electronics to the modding of pedals

a boost pedal is extremely easy, I built many LBP-1's and I fit them into electrical sockets (way cheaper than commercial boxes, and look cooler)

btw. a really cool mod for the LPB-1 is changing the transistors with a pot, and the become tone and gain knobs =]
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