Played guitar for three years, quit for three years. Where to start?

Title says all.. I started guitar in 9th grade and played for about three years, learned a lot of As I Lay Dying and other hardcore type stuff and got decently good, but I haven't played since highschool, about three years ago. I want to start playing again, but I'm not sure where to start.

Can you guys suggest me some lessons, and technique guides? I'm pretty rusty, and I want to learn more technique and theory instead of just learning how to play specific songs.
just look through the lessons section of ultimate guitar. its got loads of cool stuff that you can learn

i suggest you get a metronome
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I'd actually suggest pulling apart some of the songs you already know, and relating them to music theory. There are some really cool theory-based articles on this site in 'Lessons' and some in 'columns'... The Crusade series is a really good place to start.