So i just finished this guitar. on a budget. approx 600$. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'd love to hear some feedback.

Body wood: Afromosia
Neck: Pre-made from guitar fetish= maple/rosewood
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sry, totally forgot to upload the finished, fixed.

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no pictures of it finished? body looks cool =)
the last thing i have to do is get the nut replaced to lefty set up. I am lefty, but the only necks at guitar fetish were righty, so i gotta do what i gotta do lol
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is it... lefty? confused lol

What part of that is confusing? Looks like a straight lefty guitar to me.
Where's Waldo?
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and it looked like the strings get thicker right to left like a righty guitar

I think its because they do

Maybe its the lighting?
Where's Waldo?
i just stringed it righty because the nut is backwards.. i don't have the tools to install and groove a new nut, so i gotta get it done by someone else.
pull it out and flip it upside down? if its a strat style nut shouldnt that work?
it looks small enough that it shouldnt be angled any front to back, so i dont see why you couldnt just reverse it, but maybe thats just me?
i tried, but looks like its glued in. i was contemplating building a jig for my router to just cut it out, but i dont have time unfortunately.
Heat softens glue.
You could possibly pop it off with a sharp chisel.
..I was watching my death.
string length- great. u can bend to high heaven with the arrangement uve got going on.

invisible center seam. classy lol

other than that the pics are too far back for me to give any usefull input.1
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