I'm selling off everything I own to try a new setup, everything works perfectly and is in good shape.

Marshall DSL50 head, new SED =C= powertubes, mix of tung sol and chinese preamp tubes. 625$
Marshall JCM900 series 1960B cab, has V30s and g12t-75s in an X pattern, few tears in tolex, it's been gigged. 325$(local only)
Buy them together for 900$ (local only)

Digitech Wh-4 whammy w/ power supply: 120$
Dunlop 535q wah: 65$
Skreddy Pedals Lunar Module: 200$
T-Rex DGTM: 100$
Skreddy Pedals Pig Mine: 185$
MI Audio Crunch box: 85$
Behringer digital multi-fx fx100: 20$
Custom Killswitch: 20$
Arion SFL-1 Flanger: 30$
Custom made true bypass loop: 35$
Modded Danelectro Dan-echo: 50$
Fender Starcaster chorus: 20$
Marshall Echohead delay: 65$
Ernie Ball passive volume pedal: 55$
Artec power brick, 8 outputs, 2 with voltage sag: 40$
Boss FS-5u: 20$
Custom made voltage sag adapter: 20$

Add a couple bucks for shipping, trying to avoid paypal, but if it's absolutely necessary we can go that route. Can provide plenty of references from TGP and HCFX. email is the fastest way to get to me. josh_hajduk@hotmail.com
I'm interested in the Crybaby 535Q wah.

PM sent.
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