are there any other overdrives you guys would recommend other than a Tubescreamer to drive the amps OD? EHX Double muff? T.Rex OD? TS clones maybe? im looking new and used, but i just cant find any damn tubescreamers! trying to keep the budget at a max of about 150$, using it for metal. thanks!
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Try a Vox Satchurator, very versatile pedal and it's designed to be able to work with almost every amp.
Mose of these are under $150 Personally I like the Maxon/ibanez because of the mid boost it gives
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there are tons of ts clones

ones i suspect to be tubescreamer clones/lightly modded copies

maxon (various models)
tonerider american od
biyang od8/gfs greenie
bbe green screamer
joyo vintage overdrive
visual sound route 808/double trouble/jekyll and hyde/route 66
tonefreak abunai 2
hbe powerscreamer

that's just off the top of my head. The vast majority of the boutique ods are modded TSes as well.
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And don't forget the Digitech Bad Monkey!

Get this or a tubescreamer. (If you're on a budget, the Bad Monkey can't be beaten.)
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boss sd-1 has slightly too low output to be a real booster imo.
good od sound but not a good booster...
I feel like I should get money from Dunlop by now...but I'll say this again...Way Huge Green Rhino...it's so incredibly awesome!
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