what style of music does he play, and what style of music does RHCP play? i think he plays psychadelic and the peppers play funk
I hate when people compare John Frusciante to God. He's
good and all.............but he's no Frusciante.
Does this thread have a point? You answered your own question.
I can only listen to so many breakdowns and "spoken word" vocals before I wanna puke.

I find Jennette McCurdy attractive, but Elizabeth Gillies and Debby Ryan much more so.

That's enough, Djent people. We get it.
Johns stuff is just what he is doing and what he is into at the time. His solo stuff is alot different than the music he makes with the chilis. Early solo stuff is raw and improvised, and recorded on an 8 track. Smile from the streets is very hard to categorize, was put out during his smack days. In 2004 he put out 6 cds that explored various genres AND recording styles. I guess you could say the stuff hes done lately like The Empyrean and the stuff he did with Omar is psychedelic.

John's style with the chilis is much different. From the late 80s when he joined until he quit he had a very raw punk-funk-rock style. ( Mother's Milk & Blood Sugar ) Later when he re-joined in 97 until stadium he had a more melodic,pop, funk-rock style.

Its hard to categorize Frusc but I did my best.