I play in a band that covers country, blues, rock and mostly country.
I was going over Ice Cream man by Van Halen today with the drummer.
Particularly the part where the band comes in on Beats 1 and then beats 1 and the te of 2 in the next measure.
He wants to play 1 for the first measure and then triplet te for beat 1 and then the te of beat 2. He hasn't even learned the whole song yet.

He does not understand why I don't like him adding shit like that into songs.

1. because it makes the song too busy.
2. He loses tempo when he does stuff like that

I have this problem with alot of the songs we play. Playing a country slow dance song and he wants to add all these fills that do not add to the song. This is my opinion but is one of the reasons I wanted to play covers so there is no since in arguing about this.
Now when I cover a song my solos do not synch up perfectly with the original recording. However, my rhythm parts do.

I understand covering a song in your own stlye,but that is not the kind of band we are. If your going to do it in your own style especially a van halen,...you better have a bad ass style.

In the end, nobody will care about about the fills he wants to add to the songs. Several people have commented that his playing has detracted from the songs.
I have offered him a drum solo, suggested learning Hot for teacher or Wipe out.
If I work my ass off learning these songs, and then on a drunken whim he wants to add unnecessary fills, am I wrong to complain?

I can't decide whether or not to just get another drummer, or find a way to explain to him. We talked to a successful touring band where the drummer said, no one is here to hear the drummer.

Am I wrong? Maybe I am trying to control too much. I do not have control issues, however I have strong feelings about the integrity of a song.
MARTY FRIEDMAN--"It’s a lot easier to be technical than it is stylized; it really is... But I think it’s a lot more rare to have someone who’s really got their own sound because that’s something you can’t practice."